AVL Bidding Planning and Project Management


We provide bidding planning and on-site quality management team for your company in a quarterly cooperation manner to ensure that your budget and service are reasonable. We will provide you with the following services:


Standard offer template

Independent third-party audio-visual scheme tender design and on-site quality management are your indispensable collaboration partners in the future. Uniform standard bidding templates are easy for suppliers to understand and calculate. Clear and clear bid writing and implementation requirements are the most important aspects of bidding. Is the basis for cooperation with suppliers. Only suppliers can accurately understand your needs and intentions in order to complete the work with quality and quantity.


Time schedule

Accurate time schedule planning and coordination with other departments is one of the effective ways to ensure the smooth progress of the project.


On-site job planning

On-site job management often determines the success or failure of the project. Effective communication and tacit cooperation will enable your hardware to maximize its effectiveness and integrate with your exciting programs to add luster to your project.


Construction safety standard

No rules and regulations, standard construction requirements can reduce on-site work redundancy and chaos, making everything look just beautiful and beautiful


Load-bearing calculation certification

The safety requirement is the top priority of the activity. It is calculated by our professional and qualified calculation team for our project, which can effectively reduce the risk factor and provide the necessary security for the safety of the event.


Supplier qualification inspection

After you confirm the primary supplier, we will provide you with the supplier's equipment management, personnel management, operation process, environmental management assessment report, and do the basic work for your bidding, and after confirming the supplier, Work guidance, program evaluation and safety construction requirements for suppliers to ensure the best progress and quality on site


AVL summary report

We have strict internal control and construction management processes. Our supervisors come from major companies in the audiovisual industry and outstanding elites in various professional fields. We cooperate with them according to professional categories and conduct qualification certification and assessment for full-time personnel. In the process of bidding and on-site management, we will escort the project. After the project is over, we will make an AV audio-visual operation report for your project within 15 days, which is convenient for you and the supplier to settle.