Design and project execution


Excellent project design and field execution capabilities

No matter from the performance of creative art to the effect requirements divided by functional categories, we all know how to use the most appropriate AV hardware equipment to design and enhance the effect. Our team can rely on their years of professional experience to provide Every project has a high-level design plan.

Whether the design effect can be implemented concretely depends on many aspects of subjective environment and objective factors, so we will do a comprehensive implementation planning plan at the same time in the design process to ensure that the plan can show the desired effect as scheduled within a specific time and budget.

Any project needs excellent management and on-site execution capabilities to ensure that the expected results can be presented with quality assurance. We have a dedicated project management team for each project. From the beginning of the project, we communicate with the relevant departments to the on-site control, and carefully check each technical link, progress and quality in the project.

we provide:

                      - Time scheduling and management

                      - Communication with the builder

                      - Technical management

                      - Site progress report

                      - Review and summary after project completion

We are the most efficient and passionate team. We enjoy our work and stick to our commitment to provide you with the best quality and efficient services at any time. For us, there are no big or small projects, and only those who are willing to treat work with rigor will be a good partner that you can trust and fully trust the site.